Millenial Pink has reached it's peak - What's next?

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Over the past 12 months the millennial pink has been referred to as the colour of young - the crowned colour of pantone in 2017.

A beige- salmon pastel pink hue, arguably, similar to Paris Hilton’s lifestyle. You may have not heard of the shade, but you’ve probably seen it more than 50 times a day - the ubiquitous colour for young adults that retailers have capitalised on. Scaling from clothes, homeware and eventually wiggled its way into interiors.  As well as this shade making a cut in our Instagram- worthy world and spreading like wildfire, this trendy shade has made us rethink gender norms - the shade of which men and women could flaunt pink; a genderless shade in progressive politics where we don’t care who is who.  

We welcome lilac – crowned pantone colour of the year.

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